So another crazy day at Charly’s Bakery, but alas we have all survived and come out with a smile on our faces :)
Today I (Alex) got a phonecall from Meg Ryan’s PA (she’s in Cape Town filming her latest movie to those who havn’t heard yet) so… the phonecall… I was sitting in the office doing as I normally do, when the phone rings “Charly’s Hello” I answer, and on the other side of the line was an American accent “Hi, I was recomended to you by the Mount Nelson Hotel, I am looking for a chocolate birthday cake for the makeup artist on Meg Ryans latest movie set” now I’m thinking YAY, another celebrity to add to our already amazing list of celebrities we’ve done cakes for (Oprah, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Thabo Mbeki, Eric Stoltz… just to name a few), so I recomended our Wicked Chocolate cake (our #1seller to those who haven’t tasted yet, you should!), they said they need enough cake for 30 people so I suggested doing 2 cakes which each serve around 16, so off I went in my creative mind- what on earth can I do to impress the celebrities… and then I got it… I need to just do what we do best. So I did it, 2 wicked chocolate cakes, 1 iced in an elegant feel with gold writing, red roses and gold goie goie (goie goie is basically us splatting cake around the cake- think Jackson Pollock) and the other iced in hot pink, lime green, orange and yellow with lips, hearts and daisies piped around the edge (see our photo gallery for examples of what I’m talking about) and there they were… 2 more masterpieces created by ME… Maybe soon we’ll be jetting off all over the world to make more cakes for celebrities.
Ok so that’s it for now.. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of hopefully many blog entries on the Charly’s Bakery site…
Alex (THE Charly’s Chick)