So I’m backtracking a bit, but you will soon see why. Last year we were asked by Fiona of King’s college in London to make a cake for Archbishop Tutu’s 75th birthday- our reaction- of course. Anytime you want me to make a cake for one of my personal heroes- I’m there like a shot- and Zelda-PA to Madiba- this is a big hint about a certain big 90th coming. I want to make Madiba the greatest most Mucking Afazing cake ever for the Greatest most Mucking Afazing Man of South Africa, next year in July when the BIG MAN turns 90. I am willing to change our annual holiday dates to make Madiba’s cake!
But I digress, so lots of planning went into the Arch’s cake as he is a man of many talents, and we chose words which symbolise him for the one tier- Love, Truth and Peace . And then the next tier had to have the Rainbow for the famous “rainbow nation” name of our country, and then the top tier has an Africa with a little gold cross in the place of South Africa, and of course the big gold 75 on top.
Well you can see from the photo, his delight when they brought his cake out, and we couldn’t stop smiling! But it got even better… as we were invited to the Birthday Party at the British High Commissioner’s residence, and we got all dressed up and went to party-yes we couldn’t believe ourselves at this amazing event, and of course we sat at a table right up front next to the Dutch Royal family, and FW De Klerk. What an event! We brought along our Charly’s Bakery song- “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, by Israel Kamakawi’ole and they played it when they brought out the cake. A very proud moment for us Proudly South African Charly’s Chicks!