World famous, brilliant author of The Red tent, Anita Diamant, which is on my list of 5 best books I’ve ever read- and I’m a bookworm, visited Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town yesterday.
Her email, received last night follows below. We love it when people we love and respect, and who have travelled the world ….think our cupcakes are the best in the world and Mucking Afazing-YAY

Best cupcakes in the world 
Dear Friends:
Anita Diamant here. I ate my cupcake in the car. I LOVE cupcakes. They have been my favorite dessert since childhood

Yours are the best I ever tasted. Bar non (including the HUGE fancy ones in NYC)
Now I really will have to return to Cape Town.

Thanks so much.


PS: The brownie was a pretty close second.”