So, Charly (yes there is a real Charly – my husband and Alex and Dani’s dad) is branching out and spreading the Charly’s magic.
Charly is partnering up with Marie-Louise and John of STAR Partnership, an NGO with motivation, innovation, HEART and organization. They will be fixing schools up one at a time and are starting with the Chris Hani school in Langa. Their main intention is to get libraries into schools and to educate the educators, so that the teachers can create the kind of students South Africa needs to build our Mucking Afazing country into the magical land we all believe it can be.

So… go to and see the amazing work they are doing and planning. You can volunteer your services in terms of your time, money, donations of paint, bricks, cleaning materials, BOOKS, COMPUTERS, anything a student can or will need and, in fact, anything you no longer need. We will make it work by painting it, selling it to raise more funds, putting it in the library – the needs are endless.
We will be fundraising school by school and there are opportunities for businesses to have signage up on the buildings they fund, as well as using STAR Partnership as your company’s social resposibility.
Rest assured, you know that with us, the money will go directly and ONLY to the schools you want to fund and would never disappear into some fatcat’s pocket to fund his 4th holiday home.

We will also be putting food gardens into schools so that the students can use the fresh fruit and veggies for their school lunches. Charly will also be teaching some of the students how to make nutrtious, delicious food that they will be able to sell to raise funds for their schools. Entrepreneurship classes will also be available for any students who wish to start their own small businesses. We want to spread the knowhow that we have learned in nearly 20 years of creating Charly’s Bakery’s yummy cakes, cupcakes and delicious food.

So, if you have been wanting to get involved in any social development projects as so many of us do, but don’t know where to look or how to go about it, you can contact:
Me, Jacqui, via email at
or call us on 021 461 5181
or otherwise contact Marie-Louise at

I really believe that each and every one of us can make a difference to our country. I believe in South Africa and Charly’s Bakery is here to stay. We’ve had offers to open up a Charly’s Bakery in so many major cities, but we refuse each time, as we believe there is only one Charly’s Bakery and only one country for us – South Africa!

As Henry Ford once said: “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right!”