So it’s the 30th June and our long awaited holiday has arrived. We’re off to Zanzibar, and will be doing as little as possible, while eating as much seafood as we can find, on the sunniest beach, for the next 10 days. Good books, beautiful island, lots of fish (cause we’ve gone fishing) and Charly with his 3 Charly’s “chicks” – BLISS!
We’ll be back, baking our Mucking Afazing cakes on the 23rd July, so place your orders via email. We are really sorry if our holiday coincides with your special occassion, and you can’t have a delicous Charly’s cake this year. Remember our holiday dates change to suit school holidays, so next year, we might be open on your birthday.
Almost all our hardworking Charly’s staff have kids, so we try and give them a chance to holiday with them.
So… Sabonana, Adios, Farewell- we’ll be back in 3 short weeks.