Dear Jacqui,

Here is the story of how our wedding came to be in South Africa because of charly’s bakery :o ):

Rune and I have been back and forth to Cape Town since 2004, because of studies and work. Every time we have stayed in Cape Town, Charly’s bakery have featured big time in our lives there – we just cannot resist the delicious cakes, cookies and pies you make. The taste is totally yummy, and the decor and colours are just to die for :o ). The last time we stayed in Cape Town for a longer period of time, we lived just around the corner to where Charly’s bakery used to be. We lived in The Square, and every day when going to and from Iziko:South African Museum, where we worked, we passed by Charly’s. And the delicious smells always managed to get us in to the bakery and buy something.. Luckily we had a gym in our appartment complex, or else we’d be in serious trouble to get clothes to fit :o ). Anyways, every time we went in to Charly’s, we always used to study all the fantastic wedding cakes that you’d made, and we just loved them :o ). They were just something completely different, and more amazing then any other wedding cake we’d ever seen before.

In 2008 we went back to Norway in April, and we started planning our wedding for 2009. It originally was planned to be in Norway, and we’d already started to look into venues and service providers. But the one thing we could not find, was somewhere to make us such a spectacular cake as we’d seen that you at Charly’s could make. And we had gotten our hearts set on a beautiful and different cake. So in my frustration during the planning, I visited your website, and was looking at all the beautiful wedding cakes pictured there. My fiancee Rune and my mother was sitting across from me, and I just put the thought out there: “What about moving the wedding to South Africa, so that we can have a Charly’s bakery cake?”. My fiancee jumped right on the idea, as he also loves Charly’s bakery. My mother at that time, hadn’t yet tried Charly’s cakes, but she wanted a vacation in South Africa, so she was also ready to move the wedding (and after trying our wedding cake, by the way, my mother has also become a Charly’s bakery fan :o )). And that’s what we did: We moved the wedding from Norway to South Africa to be able to have a Charly’s cake. So the cake was the first thing we had ready, when we started planning our wedding in South Africa :o ). And of course, we did not regret our decision! The cake we had for our wedding, was the most beautiful cake I have EVER seen! And it tasted like HEAVEN as well! So moving a wedding to South Africa for a Charly’s wedding cake, is definitely reccommended.

There you have the story! I hope you liked it. It is the truth! I will send you one photograph of us cutting the cake in this mail, and send an extra mail with another photo, as they are quite large files. One photo is black and white, where you see us completely, and the other is in colour when you just see our hands cutting the cake.

The photos are the ones we have gotten from Christine Meintjes, so please, please put her name (and also her website if you can: on your blog when using the photos for the story.