Liz Dewing () wrote:
Hi Guys…..The following letter has been sent to the Cape Times, The Argus, and
Brian Joss of the Southern Suburbs Tatler.

There is a Gold Mine in Cape Town – and it is run by a group of Fairy

The wedding of one of my closest friends was due to take place at 11am on
Saturday morning. When she called the very very larney (and expensive!!!)
professional Wedding Cake Bakery in Kenilworth to check up on the delivery
arrangements for her wedding cake late on Friday afternoon she was greeted with
the ghastly words, “What cake?”

Not only had they misplaced her order….they also appeared supremely
disinterested in fixing the situation. Having always vowed not to be a bride who
cried the day before the wedding, needless to say she was reduced to tears. When
we spoke late on Friday evening she was on her way into her kitchen to try and
knock something up. I told her to go to bed and said I would sort it
out…….and immediately dropped an email to Charly’s Bakery in Canterbury

There’s a general air of magic about the place under normal circumstances and
I thought that if anyone could come to the rescue it would be the glorious bunch
of Bohemian women who run it. Well, when I walked in at 09h30 on Saturday
morning (a day when they usually open at 11h00, and ONLY for collections) they
had just read my email and had their wands out and at the ready. “What are her
colours?” They wanted to know….. Then, “Give us half an hour,” they

Come 10h00, I returned to find a miracle of a cake iced and waiting……Two
layers of decadent chocolate cake (to DIE for!!!), covered in silver icing,
topped with softest lilac roses and tiny green chrysanthemum buds and entirely
dusted in silver edible glitter. It was just as well I hadn’t done my face
because I practically burst into tears. Not only were they willing to
inconvenience themselves to help out, but they did it with charm,
professionalism and the most unbelievable skill……..It was the stuff of fairy

The cake and I both made it to the wedding in the nick of time, and I, for one,
will never bother with another bakery ever again. To the Fairy Godmothers at
Charly’s Bakery – Thank you so very much for making yet another wish come

Liz Dewing